T-shirts and other stuff

You can now browse and buy Universal Declaration designs on t-shirts, mugs, etc. etc. on our page at Redbubble! In case you want everyone you meet to know your Myers-Briggs profile, we’ve got you covered. Or maybe you need some “capitalism doesn’t work” stickers or a “thought hugs” hoodie…

A New Community Space in Hillman City

A progressive congregation (Valley and Mountain Fellowship) and a grassroots arts organization (Community Arts Create) are collaborating to launch a new space in Seattle’s Hillman City neighborhood. The prominent storefront is in a beautiful historical building anchoring the central intersection of Seattle’s Hillman City neighborhood. The space, dubbed the “Hillman City ColLaboratory,” includes a multipurpose … Continue reading “A New Community Space in Hillman City”

Designing for E-PUB

Medical textbooks are notorious for being large and expensive, and many if not most require annual updates. Many professors use their own, self-published course text in lieu of a primary textbook,giving them complete control over the book’s contents, and potentially saving students money. This fall, the University of Washington School of Medicine decided to make … Continue reading “Designing for E-PUB”

Wisconsin Rising

The fantastic independent filmmaker Sam Mayfield asked me to create a logotype and basic, extendable website for her forthcoming feature documentary, Wisconsin Rising. The film documents the popular uprising against Governor Scott Walker’s anti-worker agenda. In Sam’s words, what happened in Wisconsin “is a microcosm of what is at stake in America today, at a … Continue reading “Wisconsin Rising”

Teaching about democracy through media heroes

Last month, Rev. Everett Parker celebrated his 100th birthday. In 1963, at the request of Martin Luther King, Parker led a civil rights campaign to fight racist bias on local television broadcasts in Jackson, Mississippi. Appealing to the FCC for help, and eventually the courts, Parker’s campaign succeeded in getting the station shut down. Perhaps … Continue reading “Teaching about democracy through media heroes”

Celebrating International Human Rights Day

Sea-Tac Airport workers marked International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, as part of their ongoing campaign for good jobs at Seattle’s airport. The placards we designed for a rally involving both workers and community faith leaders took two approaches: First, the quiet yet forceful image of a lit candle. This striking image is a detail … Continue reading “Celebrating International Human Rights Day”

Pennies for Rob McKenna

Challenge: grab attention for a rally calling out gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna’s position opposing a twelve-cent minimum raise increase. Our solution: twelve giant dancing pennies, featuring a metallicized version of the candidate’s face–along with some goofy wordplay branding him as the candidate of the one percent. In place of “E Pluribus Unum,” the latin motto … Continue reading “Pennies for Rob McKenna”

ALEC Dumped!

I created this graphic as part of Working Washington’s campaign to push Amazon.com to end their support for the conservative lobbying group ALEC. We won–at their 2012 shareholder meeting, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos–visibly rattled by protests taking place both inside and outside the meeting–announced that the company would no longer support ALEC. More images from … Continue reading “ALEC Dumped!”