ALEC Dumped!

dump-ALECI created this graphic as part of Working Washington’s campaign to push to end their support for the conservative lobbying group ALEC. We won–at their 2012 shareholder meeting, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos–visibly rattled by protests taking place both inside and outside the meeting–announced that the company would no longer support ALEC. More images from our Amazon campaign below…

frownboxOur campaign targeted the Amazon for dodging corporate income taxes, and for egregiously bad treatment of warehouse employees. The campaign became a focal point for other grievances about the megacorporation, including the company’s notorious failure to invest in the communities in which they are based; and the sneaky predatory pricing schemes designed to harm rival booksellers. In our campaign graphics, we used Amazon’s iconic smile logo, simply flipped over to become a Big Frown.

accountable banner 1
We also played with some aspects of their iconic website to send a message that we were more interested in their accountability to their customer base than in our “accounts” with them.