Video clips send the people’s message

When the state legislature is in session, many organizations are doing their best to capture the limited attention of legislators and their staff, often coming to the Capitol in person, and in numbers, to bring important messages. It can be hard to feel like you’re getting through, with state government’s busy schedules and many distractions. On top of that, the Capitol press corps is a shadow of its former self–and much of the news coverage and analysis of state politics is created from a distance.

One good way to help amplify or reinforce a message to lawmakers, or help promote news coverage of creative demonstrations or a delegation visit to the Capitol, is through online video. Shot with personal equipment and lightly edited to tell a brief story, a web video can be emailed to lawmakers, staffers, journalists or constituents to help them get the message you want to deliver.

Here are a few more brief, quick-and-dirty videos I produced with active members of the healthcare workers’ union SEIU 1199NW.