ALEC Dumped!

I created this graphic as part of Working Washington’s campaign to push to end their support for the conservative lobbying group ALEC. We won–at their 2012 shareholder meeting, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos–visibly rattled by protests taking place both inside and outside the meeting–announced that the company would no longer support ALEC. More images from … Continue reading “ALEC Dumped!”

Taking it to the streets

Working Washington’s campaign for good jobs at Sea-Tac Airport made a major push for public visibility in spring 2012. We wanted to highlight the fact that low-paid airport employees are struggling at the bottom end of an unjust airport economy–and hold airport employers like Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle accountable for treating them … Continue reading “Taking it to the streets”

Making the connection: mental health safety net funding and public safety

Early in 2011, Washington state legislators convened to confront a state budget crisis in early 2011. Mental health care providers resolved to do everything they could to protect their clients from the preventable tragedies they knew could result from further cuts to essential safety-net services. As part of their efforts, I researched and wrote this … Continue reading “Making the connection: mental health safety net funding and public safety”

Bridges to the Future

I recently started doing some communications work for Working Washington, a labor-funded project that’s leading and supporting community campaigns for economic and social justice. This Thursday we’re organizing a march from Seattle’s Montlake Bridge to the University Bridge–both recently deemed functionally obsolete–calling for the state and federal governments to focus on the economic fundamentals of … Continue reading “Bridges to the Future”